Monday, December 7, 2015

Finding my voice.

I have many interests,and I enjoy making things, sometimes with paint, paper, canvas. Other times I use found objects, bits and pieces, boxes, bottles and glue.

I like to experiment.

All of these interests and experiments are to help me find my voice, to deepen my sense of self.

I like to talk about the process, to show what goes into making and creating.  Here, I can show what it was like, how it felt, how I see it today.

I am an observer, an introvert, a # 4 on the Enneagram.  If you go by the DISC profile, I am a very high "C".

Sometimes, OFTEN, this whips up the perfect storm of perfectionism.

I love starting new things, finishing everything I begin is really hard.  I am enticed by the shiny excitement of 'new.'